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Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Non-Profit Campaign

The objective of this project was to create awareness of nuclear weapons around the world and how they affect us. As collateral, I created a handbook of what should be done before, during and after a nuclear disaster/attack.

The purpose of the poster was to create fear in the viewer. The inspiration behind the painting came from inkblot (Rorschach) test, a way to look into the subconscious and determine if in fact the patient was mentally sane. I created this death like painting to deliver the message that we are insane to use nuclear power against one another and to create fear in those that choose to.

The typography/lettering was painted separately then transferred to the painting on the computer. The painting is acrylic on 34" x 23" canvas.

The manuals that are included have testimonies from survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Not much was known of the effects of nuclear warfare before these two major bombings, but much of the information we have now comes from those two disasters.

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is an organizations that creates awareness, rallies to stop mining of plutonium and uranium, as well as create alternatives to nuclear power. This project is not affiliated with ICANW but just a platform to creating awareness. Here is their website for more information,

The Japanese legend of the paper cranes claims that if 1000 paper cranes are folded, then one wish is granted. A young girl, Sadako Sasaki, that was in Hiroshima when the bomb was dropped, developed leukemia after being exposed to the radiation. She began folding paper cranes throughout her stay in the hospital in hopes of getting her one wish. She didn't fold all 1000 cranes, passing away before she could, but she inspired many others. Hence, having paper and instructions included of how to fold paper cranes.