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Buttons & Strings
Annual Report

C.U.R.E. Epilepsy Annual Report
Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a devastating and debilitating disorder affecting an estimated 3 million Americans and 65 million people worldwide. This disorder affects men, women, and children alike.

The approach for this annual report was strictly conceptual; how does one depict a seizure without showing a person seizing. Doctors and neurologist use cat scans to show where the seizure is occurring and how often. The image of a seizure occurring show dots and lines. The idea of buttons and strings was of those images that are first shown to a family and their loved ones diagnosed with epilepsy. The buttons depict the information that is sent from one side of the brain to the other and strings are the nerves that deliver that message. When a bundle up of information happens, there is a seizure. Delivering the message of how underfunded epilepsy research really is the goal.

All the buttons and strings were sewn by hand, and the fabric hand picked. Embroidered type was done with embroidering machines and the typeface is Buttermilk, by Jessica Hische.

This project is not affiliated with C.U.R.E. Epilepsy, just a organization that I support. This annual report is also in memory of my brother.

Awards: Certificate of Excellence-Creative Summit 26