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A pre-1918 postcard depicts the early footprint of the Galveston Brewing Co.

    Home of High Grade,
                The Beer
        That’s Liquid Food.

Sweet smell of honeysuckle, the bright blinding sun, bees flying around magnolias, and the distant sound of crashing waves; these are a few things that bring me back to Galveston. Children play and run in the street, and escaping to abandoned buildings to get away from the scorching sun. One of my earliest memories is filled with juice boxes, comic books, and escaping to the Magnolia Home Center to get a rest from the heat. 

Baseball Illustration for Falstaff Brewery.

The Mural

    Thought process:

      + The Stars at Night are Big & Bright.
      + Crashing Waves
      + Cruise Ships & Boats
    The main idea is color. Galveston is full
    of colorful homes, flowers, birds, and
    people. There is a re-birth happening
    of a city that feels like its own world.